The “Tablet de Photo Frame” is a “Digital Photo Frame” application for tablets. It can display the clock, weather forecast, and calendar, and is optimized to display on the living room. Let’s make effective use of “photos you took but haven’t seen” and “nostalgic photos” such as family photos and travel photos. You can use your tablet as a beautiful interior item by displaying photos of beautiful landscapes. It also supports SNS (Twitter and Instagram).


Photo Frame Function
Display memorable and beautiful photos.

Data Source
Device memory, SD Card, Photo sites, SNS(Twitter and Instagram).

Weather forecast function
Display daily and weekly weather at the registered location.

Calendar Function
To make sure you don't forget your important appointments.


Play photos of memories with your family!

Do you have any photos that are lying around on your computer, such as “photos taken on a trip” or “photos of memories with your family”? Let’s make use of such photos with “Tablet de Photo Frame”. I’m sure you’ll be reminded of the excitement and memories of the people you went with when you took the photo.

New excitement in your living room!

Let’s decorate your living room with a “tablet de photo frame” with photos (posted on Pixabay, Pexels and Flickr) taken by photographers such as “photos of beautiful buildings” and “photos of spectacular scenes”. Just looking at it makes you feel excited, excited, and overwhelmed. It will add a new “impression” to your living room.

Decorate photos of your memories with friends!

Let’s use the “Tablet de Photo Frame” to take photos of fun memories you posted on “Twitter” and “Instagram” with your friends. Let’s decorate your room with fun days with friends who are “fussing” and “frolicking”.

Get the newest information on our new sweets!

By using the Twitter search function (keyword search and hashtag search) of the tablet de photo frame, you can get the latest information taken by everyone in the city through the digital photo frame, such as “delicious cake” and “new seasonal sweets”.

See the tweets of your favorite idols!

If you designate your favorite idol’s Twitter account, “Tablet de Photo Frame” will automatically retrieve the tweet and display the photo. Liven up the mood with a photo of your favorite person.


2020/3/10 Ver. 1.0.0
 -The first version
2020/3/12 Ver. 1.1.0
 -Support for Pixabay and Pexels photo display.
2020/3/24 Ver. 1.2.0
 -Support for Twitter, Instagram and Flickr photo display.
2020/4/03 Ver. 1.3.0
 -Support for English
2020/4/10 Ver. 1.4.0
 - Show public holidays in 38 countries.
 - Support swiping “Next Photo” and “Previous Photo”.
2020/4/30 Ver. 1.5.0
 -Support smart home mode.
 (Swipe Up to show the smart home controller)
 -Support displaying websites


How to use (Japanese only)